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Rome, 01 March 2007

Press statement by Ocalan's lawyers from Italy and Turkey:
To members of the press,

For the first time, as the lawyers of Mr Abdullah OCALAN from Turkey and Italy, we shall reveal the results of the work of the last three months to the public with this press conference.

The laboratory tests made on Mr OCALANís hair samples have shown that much higher than normal levels of the elements strontium and chromium are present. Due to security reasons this investigation has been carried out without disclosing the identity of the person. The test results have been identified by the expert laboratory to represent chronic intoxication.

One week ago these results have been shared with both the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe and the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Degrading and Ill-treatment (CPT). They have been requested to intervene in the matter. As yet no visual reaction can be noted however we are of the firm belief and expect that these institutions shall react with sensitivity.

We, as the lawyers of Mr Ocalan, have grave concerns over the results of the samples which were taken under extremely difficult conditions. As yet, we do not have any knowledge as to what the source of these elements which are at an alarming level stem from, for what period these have existed at this level and what effects it has had on our client. However we do believe that our clientís life is under a serious and a grave risk. We do believe that the scientific results at hand are enough to allege this. Under the present circumstances we are only able to shed light onto this dimension of the truth. It is utterly important that the results attained be investigated by an independent and international delegation of experts and a new analysis should be held under better conditions so that the situation can be completely clarified. However, we do insist that such an investigation must be held immediately and urgently.

Mr Ocalanís security of life and health are under the responsibility of the government of the Republic of Turkey. Since 15 February 1999, Mr Ocalan is being kept at the Imrali Sole Inmate Closed Prison which is a 5 mile militarily prohibited area and has a high security prison status. Before being imprisoned at the Imrali Island Prison Mr Ocalan did not have any serious health problems. However in the aftermath his health problems have increased and aggravated. The necessary national and international institutions and NGOís together with the public opinion and the officials in Turkey have been repeatedly informed of the health problems of our client. However we regret to inform you that the national and international health organisations have not displayed a serious and a responsible approach towards this humanitarian problem. The officials in Turkey, in response, have continually stated that he is kept under a continuous health check and that there are no serious health problems. However the results attained and as tabled before you show that the official information is not true and trustable. Therefore uttermostly we call on the government officials of Turkey to act responsibly in the face of these scientific results and expect that they show every ease to a delegation of international experts to make the necessary investigations at the Imrali Island Prison.

We call upon the United Nations, Council of Europe, the CPT and all the respective institutions. We request that an independent international delegation of scientific experts immediately go to the Imrali Closed Island Prison and make a thorough health investigation and analysis on our client. We shall also continue to pursue the matter and shall try all legal venues.

Yours sincerely
On behalf of the lawyers from Italy and Turkey

Lawyer Mahmut Sakar