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Strasbourg, 01 March 2007

Statement of Dr Pascal Kintz on Roj TV about his analysis
"The hair belongs to somebody who is intoxicated with chromium and also with strontium"

“We, ChemTox in Strasbourg, received six hair fibres of an unknown subject. We did not know at the time of the analysis who was the owner of the hair. We were requested to find some trace or metal elements in the fibres and immediately informed the the person requested that amount of hair was very low – below one milligram, generally we need 30 mg – so this can be of discussion.

We analysed the hair using the most sensitive and specific methods, that is IPC-MS, and we found high levels of chromium, about seven times higher than the normal range or the normal medium volume. We also found high level of strontium, about 100 times the medium volume. So my conclusion was the hair belongs to somebody who is intoxicated with chromium and also with strontium. What is very important is that Chromium exists under two chemical forms, that is chromium (III) and chromium (VI). Chromium (III) is necessary for the body and it is used as co-factor for lipid metabolism and sugar transportation, but chromium (VI) is a very toxic element, it is toxic for the respiratory; it can induce allergies, it can induce asthma and rhinitis. It is also dangerous for the liver and the kidney. It can induce lung cancer and also some skin disease.

So our conclusion is that it is absolutely mandatory that the owner of this hair be checked medically including clinical investigations but also biological investigation by using blood and hair. So that is what we have done at ChemTox this year.“