Appeal to UN-Secretary General

Mr. Kofi Annan
Secretary General
United Nations Organization
One United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017, USA

Dear Secretary General,

We appeal to you to intervene in the case of Abdullah Ocalan, President of the Kurdistan Workers Party who was recently sentenced to death in Turkey.

Mr Ocalan has repeatedly formulated proposals for a peaceful solution to the Turkish-Kurdish con-flict within the internationally recognized borders of the Turkish Republic. In this context the life or death of Mr Ocalan will make the difference between peace or war. The execution of the death pe-nalty would most certainly have incalculable consequences for the co-existence of the Turkish and Kurdish peoples. It would exacerbate what is already a bitter and protracted conflict. The threat to peace, stability and security would be perpetuated far into the 21st century. Doubtless this is not in the interests of the international community of nations.

An international intervention aimed at preventing the execution of Abdullah Ocalan coupled with an initiative by the United Nations paving the way for an international conference for resolving the Kurdish question, are now imperative. The UN should, as a matter of urgency, give priority to the issue of Kurdistan on its Agenda 2000.

We urge you to take whatever steps will be necessary to help prevent any further escalation of the Turkish-Kurdish conflict and to lay the foundation for its peaceful resolution.

Yours sincerely