"Everything is art or art meets Ocalan" –
A review of the event on July 21, 2002

Between thirty and forty enthusiasts of the arts followed an invitation by Libertad!, the Kurdish Students Association and the International Initiative “Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan – Peace in Kurdistan” who had organised this event. (Call for action – click here)

(More pictures of the event – click here)

Central point of reference was a replica of the solitary cell of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan on the Turkish prison island Imrali, which can be viewed until August 25, 2002 in Frankfurt at Schaumainkai /Mainufer in the context of MANIFESTA 4, the “European Biennial of Contemporary Arts”.

Using small boats the enthusiasts paid this work of art a visit in order to break symbolically the isolation Abdullah Ocalan is exposed to due to his prison conditions. With colourful flags and banners and imaginative slogans they promoted a peaceful solution of the Kurdish Question.

This three hour event attracted a lot of attention by promenaders strolling by the Main. Many of them read the information on the presentation boards installed by the waterside. Some even spontaneously decided to take part in the action and were invited into the boats. A feastful picnic served the bodily well-being of those who had to remain back on the shore. Kurdish saz-music completed a felicitous event.