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Istanbul, 12 March 2007


Third press statement by Ocalan's lawyers
"An international delegation must establish the truth"

To Members of the Press

The Senior Public Prosecutor in Bursa has stated that no intoxication has been found in the samples of our client Mr Ocalan. We had filed two separate submissions requesting his cooperation in the medical investigation initiated by the Ministry of Justice.

In these submissions we were concerned to what extent the elements of strontium and chromium were present in Mr Ocalan's body which had been found in laboratory tests and furthermore to examine the environment of our client, in particular the wall paint. We emphasize this point as he himself had suggested this at a previous consultation with us.

Regrettably, our request has been ignored. We do not know the details of the investigation conducted by the Senior State Prosecutor and we do not know whether or not the authorities for forensic medicine have the necessary technical facilities to determine the facts of an intoxication.

To conclude the discussions and to establish the truth it is necessary for an independent delegation of experts to takes samples of Mr Ocalan's hair, tissues and blood, examine the environment such as walls, paint, food and articles which he uses daily and analyze them in a laboratory equipped with the necessary technical facilities. The effects of the conditions of detention and in particular the problems with the air supply on his general health also need to be examined by an independent delegation on-site.

We will raise our concerns and apprehensions in accordance with the code of criminal procedure as soon as we have received the full report .

12 March 2007
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