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Rome, 2 March 2007

Turkish Justice Minister must act Responsibly and with Seriousness

To the Press and Public-opinion

In a press conference on the 1 May 2007 in Rome Italy, we, the lawyers of Mr Ocalan, revealed the laboratory test results done on hair samples of Mr Ocalan and declared findings of "chronic intoxication" to the public opinion.

After the press conference statements by both the Turkish Minister of Justice and the Attorney General were made. In these statements we find that the matter was handled insufficiently and not with the necessary seriousness. The classical statement that Mr Ocalan does not have any health problems and that health check-ups are done have no decree over the scientific results that we have announced. Such an explanation has been constantly made over the years and despite it the health problems of our client continue.

The Ministry of Justice is now face to face with the duty of seriously handling the matter and the results which were reached through up-to-date technology and care. The matter and their duties can not be handled or satisfied simply by ordering the Attorney General to investigate the matter. The Ministry of Justice must see the reality that Mr Ocalan is facing a chemical threat. Hence it should facilitate the arrival of an expert delegation formed by the relevant organisations, foremost the CPT. The Ministry should invite these relevant organisations itself since the restitution of the consequences of these test results shall not be possible.

This matter, before being handled politically, is above all a humanitarian and a juridical question. As his lawyers this is how we are handling the matter. As can be understood from our press statements what is fundamental now is to solve the matter not create tension. Our press statement has not left anyone under any accusations but has declared the results and the dangerous consequences. We as a result expect a similar serious and responsible approach from the government and especially from the Ministry of Justice.

Once again, without a further-a-do, we repeat our request that an international expert delegation immediately start investigations at the Imrali Island Prison and call on the Ministry of Justice to abandon efforts to cover up or distort the matter and act with responsibility.

Mr Mario Angelelli
Mr Mahmut Sakar