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Prison Writings III: The Road Map to Negotiations

Abdullah Öcalan - Democratic Confederalism

Abdullah Öcalan - The Road Map - Summary

War and Peace in Kurdistan

We have new websites: Please visit www.freeocalan.org and ocalan-books.com

15 February 2013: [press statement] on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of Öcalan’s abduction: "Somersault alaturca – Play it again, Sam!"

September 2012: [announcement] New Campaign, new website! With the launch of the new "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan" signature campaign, we are slowly moving to a new website: freeocalan.org. Please sign the petition at the new website!

27 July 2012: [press statement] One Year of Total Isolation of Ocalan on Imrali - The arbitrariness of the Islamist AKP government must stop!

03 July 2012: [documentation] Press statement by Asrin Law Office on the isolation of their client, Abdullah Öcalan

The International Initiative has started a new campaign: Art for Öcalan! Visit the campaign website or download the appeal (PDF)

15 February 2012: [press statement] Political Solution or Totalitarian Turkey?

06 December 2011: [press statement] "Free the Lawyers - End the Isolation!" (download as PDF)

December 2011: [leaflet] Ocalan's situation after the mass arrest of lawyers

22 November 2011: [press statement] Massive attack on lawyers

22 August 2011: [press statement] Renewed complete isolation is unacceptable

New publication: Abdullah Ocalan: Democratic Confederalism
The brochure can be downloaded in PDF format and the printed version ordered from us.

4 April 2011: [document] International Initiative publishes a summary of Abdullah Ocalan's long awaited Road Map for Democratization of Turkey and Solution of the Kurdish Question

15 Feburary 2011: [press statement] Öcalan ante portas or The Weapon of Dialogue

15 February 2011: [leaflet] 12th anniversary of Ocalan's abduction (download as PDF)

January 2011: [background] International Initiative Analysis 4 - Evaluation of CPT reports on Imrali Island Prison (download as PDF)

4 October 2010: [background] International Initiative Analysis 3 - Isolation limits dialogue. (download as PDF)

09 March 2010: [article] Abdullah Ocalan in "il manifesto": The Revolution is Female

15 Feburary 2010: [press statement] Dialogue now! – For a common perspective of Turks and Kurds!

13 February 2010: [article] Abdullah Ocalan in "il manifesto": A conspiracy against peace

09 January 2010: [article] Abdullah Ocalan in "il manifesto": A just peace for the Kurds

07 December 2009: [background] International Initiative Analysis 2 - Turkey has crossed the Rubicon. Analysis of Abdullah Ocalan's prison situation as of 17 November 2009. (download as PDF)

03 December 2009: [leaflet] Leaflet about Ocalan's prison conditions since 17 November (download as PDF)

27 November 2009: [press statement] Ocalan's new cell is a 'death pit' - Isolation further aggravated

19 November 2009: [press statement] Transfer to new prison - No progress, but aggravation of the isolation

13 October 2009: [background] International Initiative Analysis 1 - Human Rights in Turkey 2009: One step forward, two steps back

15 February 2009: 10th anniversary of Ocalan's abduction

Press statement: 10 Years Imrali prison, 10 Years of Torture – Ocalan and the "European Guantanamo"

New publication – The Ocalan Case: Ten years of isolation, ten years of torture. A critique of Turkish-European human rights policy.
The brochure can be downloaded in PDF format and the printed version ordered from us.

New publication: Abdullah Ocalan: War and Peace in Kurdistan - Perspectives for a political solution of the Kurdish Question
The brochure can be downloaded in PDF format and the printed version ordered from us.

November 2008: Updated campaign leaflet: "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan"

17 October 2008: Ocalan tortured in prison and threatened with death - International Initiative warns against escalation

December 2007
Abdullah Ocalan: Proposals for a peaceful solution of the Kurdish question in Turkey
As presented to the participants of the "4. International Conference on EU, Turkey and the Kurds", 3/4 December 2007, EU Parliament, Brussels

November 2007:

October 2007: Leaflet of the International Initiative: The assumed poisoning must be fully investigated, and the CPT report must be published!

September 2007: Prof. Michael Gunther reviews Ocalan's "Prison Writings – The Roots of Civilization" in "Middle East Policy"

May 2007: Stan Newens in "The Spokesman Journal": Review of Abdullah Ocalan's "Prison Writings – The Roots of Civilization"

April 2007: Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe: "The state of health of Mr Abdullah Ocalan" - Motion for a resolution presented by Lord Russel Johnston and others

Ocalan intoxicated
[document] 8 April 2007: Dr. Kintz: "In conclusion, I strongly recommend, once again, that an independent scientist collect the hair specimen and that an independent (or even 2 or 3) laboratory do the analyses."
Dr. Kintz' interpretation of analytical results provided by Turkey
[briefing] 12 March 2007: 3rd press statement by Ocalan's lawyers: An international delegation must establish the truth
[briefing] 2 March 2007: 2nd press statement by Ocalan's lawyers: Turkish Justice Minister must act Responsibly and with Seriousness
[briefing] 1 March 2007: "We shall kill him piecemeal" - A threat that has come true
[briefing] 1 March 2007: Press statement by Ocalan's lawyers: Ocalan is intoxicated

Documents and Expert Opinions
[document] ChemTox analysis of Ocalan's hair
[document] Dr. Kintz: "The hair belongs to somebody who is intoxicated with chromium and also with strontium"
[document] Prof. Alexander's interpretation of the results

[briefing] 14 February 2007: Intrigue and Love: Ocalan, the Kurds and Europe

[campaign] 12 September 2006: 3.243.627 Signatures for Ocalan
Press conference in the European Parliament, Brussels
Detailed results

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